providing continuous support before, during, and after birth

About me

Hi there. I’m Nadine Fragosa (or Nads as most of my friends call me). I’m based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and I have been a doula since 2008. (check google for the etymology).

I grew up in Australia as part of an Italian family (I can speak Italian very well after a glass of Prosecco). After finishing a Communications degree in Canberra, I worked for a few years in Sydney, then moved to London for 12 years. During that time I married, had a child, developed a bit of an English accent, left a job in media, became a doula, & started riding a Vespa.(Not quite in that order) I’ve been back in Australia since 2012 and plan to stay.

When I’m not doulaing I’m mothering my two children under 12 and I volunteer for Homebirth Access Sydney. (I believe women should be able to birth where and with whom they feel safest). I also co-ordinate the Eastern Suburbs Homebirth Community Group and The Positive Birth Movement (Easter Suburbs). If you’re interested in joining either of those groups or just want to find out more search on Facebook or contact me directly.

I love my family and friends, exercise (in the form of yoga & body combat), having a laugh, knitting and changing my lipstick and hair style (pretty regularly).

If you’re interested in knowing more about my doula journey please read Becoming a doula blog post.


How I can help

I believe my role is to support you in your choices around birthing and mothering.

Birth doula

I’ll help you practically (get organised), emotionally (I’ll listen and you can talk) and physically (we might sit on a birth ball). We’ll do all this in the lead up to, at the birth and when your baby arrives.  I take the time to get to know you well so that when your labour kicks in I understand what’s driving you and how I can best support you.

My aim is to help you have a more rewarding and positive experience where you make the decisions.

I’ll  make sure everyone in your support team works together. That team includes me (obviously) your partner (if you have one) or your midwife/obstetrician (I’m led to believe they love me because I let them get on with their job and I have respect for what they do).

If you’re interested in learning more read my blog post on How I work with clients or get in touch to find out more about me and what I’m like. (After all you are going to share a very intimate experience with me).




Contact me


Feel free to leave me a message here, or contact me directly on 0468 382 580 or nads@jonads.com.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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