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As long as I can remember I have been drawn to birth and bodily functions (I’m not easily embarrassed), but it was not until my son was born in 2006 that I decided to leave behind 12 years of media in search of a new career.

Whilst I was pregnant I attended some birth preparation classes with Bridget Baker and loved learning about my body and what it was doing.  I became so interested in birth that I looked into training as a midwife, but decided another 3 years at university was not for me (especially with a new baby in tow). I knew very little about doulas until my sister in law mentioned she was having one for her second child. Her first birth was not ideal and she wanted some extra support for her husband, knowing he did not enjoy the birth experience the first time around either! After having spoken to her doula everything she said resonated with me and I decided that was what I wanted to do.

I started my training as a doula in England with Developing Doulas 2008 (Maddie McMahon & Linda Quinn) which gave me the best foundation to start my doula journey. As it turned out Bridget (my birth preparation teacher) was to become my doula mentor.

Over the years I continue to learn more and more. Here are some of the courses and workshops I’ve been on:

  • Early Nurture Antenatal and Postnatal Doula Course 2008
  • Paramana Doula with Dr Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers 2008
  • Rebozo Workshop 2009
  • Presenter at University College London Hospital conference Promoting Safe Birth Outcomes: working in Partnership with Women 2009
  • When Breastfeeding is not straightforward with Ruth Tamir 2010
  • Dr Jack Newman Breastfeeding Study Day 2010
  • Naomi Stadlen psychotherapist and author of ‘What Mothers do: Especially when it looks like nothing’ – Study morning 2010
  • Active Birth Study Day with Janet Balaskas founder of the Active Birth Movement 2010
  • Twins Course – Birth, delivery options, postnatal & breastfeeding with Naomi Kemeny 2011
  • Breastfeeding study day – Developing Nursing Confidence with Maddie McMahon 2011
  • Making wise decisions – Inductions, Epidurals and Caesareans with Dr Sarah Buckley 2012
  • Full Circle Placenta Encapsulation Training 2012
  • Biologix Solutions Bloodborne Pathogens Training Course 2012
  • She Births birth preparation 2012
  • Homebirth Australia Conference 2014 (Attendee)
  • Homebirth Australia Conference 2015 (Attendee)
  • The unconscious Matrix :Archetypal Energies at Play in Birthing workshop with Rhea Dempsey 2015
  • Intuition, Boundaries and Protection for Birth workers workshop with Elizabeth Davis 2015
  • Treating Babies Less – Symptoms related to tongue tie and screening vs. assessment with Bondi Tongue Tie 2016
  • Tongue Tie – More than a Surgical Procedure Information Evening with Cara Suttner & Larry Cohen 2017
  • Spinning Babies Workshop with Ginny Phang  2017
  • Royal Hospital for Women Randwick. Homebirth Steering Committee consumer representative 2017-present
  • Breech Birth:Physiology & Politics Workshop with Dr Maggie Banks 2017
  • Grassroots Campaigning & Online Advocacy Workshop with Milli Hill 2017
  • Rhea Dempsey: The unconscious dynamics of birth . Workshop 2017
  • Homebirth Australia Conference 2017 (Organising committee member & attendee)
  • We Birth: advanced training for doulas and birth workers 2017 Guest Speaker on Advocacy
  • WeBirth Mentor 2018
  • CPR U Ready First Aid Course 2018
  • Doula Network Australia Conference with Dr Rachel Reed (Attendee) 2018
  • Birth Time in Conversation with Rhea Dempsey (Attendee) and additionally small study group with birth workers 2018
  • Untying Breastfeeding: A Documentary Film Screening with Bondi Tongue Tie 2018
  • With Woman Retreat: Reclaiming Birth as a Rite of Passage with Jane Hardwicke Collings  2018

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