Nadine was such an amazing support to us during pregnancy and labour/birth.
She is so practical and wise, and took our concerns seriously. She found reassuring articles to read in order to allay fears/inform us using the current evidence. Nadine was a brilliant emotional support too, especially in relation to this being our second child.
Nadine was generous with her time as the birth approached, and during labour and birth she advocated for us in a professional manner. Her experience helped to guide us during the rapid labour and birth.
We would recommend Nadine as a doula in a heartbeat!
Lisa & Chamkaur June 2017
Nads was recommended to me by a friend who told me she was the doula of doulas and I thought if other doulas chose her then she must be pretty good!
My partner Nic and I knew within five minutes of meeting Nads that she was the doula for us, because she was super friendly, very knowledgeable and we knew that she’s be a great support for us. For the birth of our daughter Ruby, we were going through GP shared care so Nads would be the consistent person with us, in advance of the big day as well as on the day and afterwards. 
Nads was available to us to help us plan our birth and gave us really useful information, from how the pregnancy would progress, to the type of underwear to take for the hospital stay. She was also support for us in the early weeks post-birth as we got our heads around being parents and breastfeeding.
When I went into labour, Nads came over and made us feel comfortable enough to stay at home until my labour was well advanced. At that point we all went to the hospital and Nads stayed with us until Ruby was born and we were in post-natal care. It made Nic and I incredibly reassured to have Nads there, helping us with the big and small on-the-night decisions. Her approach was to help Nic to be the best possible birth partner for me whilst she stayed in the background. Once  we were back home, Nads has visited us several times to check in and help me to breastfeed, which I found quite challenging in the early days.
Words can’t do justice to the appreciation and love Nic and I have for Nads, she is amazing at what she does and made our first birth experience incredibly special. We feel lucky that she came into our lives and count her as a friend now. 
I can’t recommend Nads highly enough for the doula service she provides. It is like having a really good mate by your side who knows the intricacies of labour, hospitals, midwives, birth and breastfeeding which completely removes any anxiety we had in advance of the birth process and does it all with an enormous smile on her face and brilliant sense of humour. 
Nads really has changed our life by being a huge and amazing part of the most important day of our lives. 
Claire, Nic and Ruby, born 25th December 2016.


Having Nadine as our Doula made all the difference to us. The more so since our baby came one month early and we truly needed the extra bit of support. She was knowledgeable, responsive and simply always there for us throughout the entire journey of preparation for labour until establishing ourselves at home with breastfeeding etc

I believe that without Nadine I wouldn’t have been able to have a natural birth. She fearlessly communicated our birth preferences at the hospital enabling me to focus on my part of the job.We were extremely lucky to have found a doula who is passionate about her vocation as well as a beautiful person with a big heart. Lenka, Aaron and baby Hannah August 2016


Thank you so much for your care and support over the last month and at Sophie’s birth. You were amazing- we just couldn’t have got through it all without your calm reassurance and lovely companionship. I particularly appreciated having you there through some of those ferocious contractions. Annie & Matt


Thank you so much for all your help. It was just what we needed – we are so glad we found you! There were a couple of moments particularly when you really pulled us through. Anna & Nick


Can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us over the past months. Your reassurance has been invaluable and has made this whole experience so amazing. Thanks to you I had the birth that I really wanted and I will be forever grateful for that. Amanda & Dave


Thank you so much for all the wonderful support you gave to us throughout pregnancy, labour and those early days of craziness at home. Lou


Thank you for your tremendous support prior to, during and after Olivers birth. It was so reassuring to have you on hand and I am absolutely convinced that having you there contributed to a very positive birth experience. You have been so kind and approachable all along and I feel as though we have become friends – you know me pretty well now- having seen me warts and all. Caroline & Simon


Thank you so much for all your help, kindness and support following the birth of twin 1 and twin 2. You really committed to making the first weeks of motherhood a wonderful and happy time. Camilla


You provided much needed reassurance for me and importantly my husband. Camilla and Jamie