How I can help


How I can help

I believe my role is to support you in your choices around birthing and mothering.

Birth doula

I’ll help you practically (get organised), emotionally (I’ll listen and you can talk) and physically (we might sit on a birth ball). We’ll do all this in the lead up to, at the birth and when your baby arrives.  I take the time to get to know you well so that when your labour kicks in I understand what’s driving you and how I can best support you.

My aim is to help you have a more rewarding and positive experience where you make the decisions.

I’ll  make sure everyone in your support team works together. That team includes me (obviously) your partner (if you have one) or your midwife/obstetrician (I’m led to believe they love me because I let them get on with their job and I have respect for what they do).

If you’re interested in learning more read my blog post on How I work with clients or get in touch to find out more about me and what I’m like. (After all you are going to share a very intimate experience with me).